Our Founder

Juan Harris - Mr. Klean

Juan Harris has developed a system he knows works best for his customers. Learning the industry from some of the best national companies, he has applied what he feels works best for his clients. Juan understands that a happy customer helps his business grow and he’s made customer satisfaction a top priority. Mr. Harris is committed to providing exceptional service at fair and competitive pricing.

Mr. Klean Cleaning Service is a local small business established by Juan Harris nearly 7 years ago. Mr. Harris gained tremendous experience by working for numerous nationally-based commercial and residential cleaning companies and logged in over 15 yrs before establishing his own company. Our priority at “Mr. Klean” is to provide a superior quality cleaning service to clients at an affordable price.

At Mr. Klean Cleaning Service, we understand that our customers are the reason we are in business. That’s why we require our team members to follow a set of core beliefs that center around YOU, the customer. We know that listening to the wants and needs of our customers and delivering a personalized service makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Why Choose Us?

  • Detailed and Efficient .
  • Customer plan option.
  • Same team every time.
  • Green cleaning available.