How to Get Rid of Limescale | House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens

Limescale is a calcium compound that can be found on surface and the appliances in your house get in contact with water on regular basis during house cleaning. Limescale is not impossible to eliminate as we think normally. Even the hard water spots can be removed by using the right cleaning detergents and a bit of elbow grease. House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens has got tricks for you to remove the limescale by house cleaning.


How to remove limescale from the home appliances?

For House cleaning for kettle and coffee makers:

    • Mix water + vinegar solution together
    • Switch on the appliances, boil the mixture and leave it for overnight
    • Remove the mixture in morning and rinse it
    • Run the coffee maker with clean water to remove the residue solution

For House Cleaning for Washing Machine and Dishwashers:

    • Fill a cup of removal agent you like and pour it the dispensing drawer where you normally place the detergent, for dishwashers place it in the base of machine
    • Run the cycle, empty and job is done        

How to remove limescale from the taps? 

    • When house cleaning, Use the best limescale remover that you get, Soak some cotton wool and damp it in the liquid and wrap it around the tap, try to get in contact with the removing detergent 
    • For spout, fill a cup with cleaning solution, drop the spout into the cup and then wrap the towel around it
    • Leave the tap to soak in the limescale for 1 hour and most of it will dissolve
    • Clean the stubborn areas with a gentle scourer

How to remove limescale from the toilet?

    • To remove the scaly deposits from the toilet bowl and beneath the rim can be hard and it may require special skills
    • Use a strong limescale remover for toilet. It can be either a gel cleaner or bleach that is specially manufactured for toilets and apply it close to the water deposits, squirting up under the rim and bowl as well
    • Leave it to soak for 1 hour at least
    • Use pumice stone on the heavier buildups
    • Remember to use the strong limescale with proper care by wearing gloves and eye goggles during house cleaning


How to remove limescale from baths?

The limescale builds up at two most important places. The bath taps and in the corners of the bath where the water can pool. Here are some helpful house cleaning tips:

    • Vinegar can be effective to remove the limescale from the toilet but first you should exercise caution on the old enamel bath and sinks, as the surface can get damaged by the acid.
    • Apply vinegar to the affected areas, scrub and wash with the spray cleaner afterwards. Buy limescale products that suit your toilet fixtures.
    • Removing the limescale from your toilets can be a hectic task.

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