How to Keep Your Towels Soft and Fluffy

Towels are being used constantly and often end up being rough with the stiff loops making them uncomfortable to use again. Therefore the most question that we face is how do we keep our towels soft and fluffy during the house cleaning process?


Here are some tips and tricks by House cleaning Palm Beach Gardens which can be used to make your towels fluffy, soft and comfortable to use.


Use as Little Detergent as Possible:

During the house cleaning process, when you try to wash the towels with the ordinary detergent they are going to feel stiff because of the soapy residue buildup on them. So, when you are washing your towels make sure that you use a lower amount of detergent which will help the washing machine to wash out the pesky bit of soap that have been left on your towel.


Use Room Temperature Water:

When house cleaning, try to use the medium warm water that is best for washing the towels as it absorbs the bette and leaves no detergent build up on the towel. When you are washing the towels you can also let the detergent to dissolve in the washer before adding the towels. Start the cycle, add the detergent and then wait for few minutes before you add the towels in it. Like this there will be less chances of build up.


Don’t fall for the fabric Softeners:

During the house cleaning process, make sure that you don’t fall for the fabric softeners as most of the companies market their products as chemicals that will make your fabric soft and fluffy. Some of them contain silicon that make the towels water repellent it means that they will not get a good wash. Instead of using this you can use the vinegar solution after every six weeks. It will help to remove the detergent residue which makes the towels feel rough, and bring back the original softness.


Baking Soda can help:

During the house cleaning process, you can use the baking soda to loosen up the fibers of your towels and clean off any residue build up from the towels to make it more fluffy and soft. To create it you need to mix the half cup of baking soda and add normal amount of detergent to wash the towels. Another advantage of using baking soda is that it will kill the bad smell coming out from your towels.


Other Suggestions:

During the house cleaning process, try to not add too many towels in the washer all at once. It not only stains the washing machine but it also won’t have enough room to rinse the bacteria, dirt and germs from your towels. The same thing goes for the dryer, if you overload the dryer then it wont get enough air in the dryer which won’t give the fluffy look to your fabric towels.


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